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The Ellwood City Area School District is dedicated to preparing its student for the 21st Century. Studies have shown that the 4 skills that students will need to succeed include these 21st Century Skills: Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. The 1:1 Initiative at Lincoln is to provide students in grades 7-12 a District owned device to promote new instructional strategies and integrate 21st Century learning skills into the classroom.
Whether students are preparing for college or career, these skills are vital to future success. The goal in the ECASD is implement a successful 1:1 student/device program in grades 7-12. The staff has been working and developing skills to allow students to work with computers on a daily basis. Now is the time to put the devices in each students hands. A 1:1 program will allow students to interact not only with their class, school and community, but also the world.

Student engagement in lessons and collaboration with fellow students is the ultimate goal for the 1:1 initiative. Students should have anytime, anywhere access to learning. Staff will be better able to differentiate learning for personalized learning strategies. A 1:1 program will give our students the digital literacy skills necessary to compete in a global marketplace. A laptop in every students hands will break down the four walls of the traditional classroom. It is with these skills in mind that the ECASD is taking on this initiative.