COVID-19 School Closure Information

Check out the LHS Senior High Virtual Awards Assembly with all scholarships, awards, and Class Key Presentations - Senior High Awards Virtual Assembly.  

ECASD Continuity of Education Plan

The Ellwood City Area School District has been given the flexibility from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to provide remote, online instruction and services, beginning Monday, March 30.

 This webpage will be the central location for information on the COVID-19 Closure

School Schedule:

As of today, April 9, 2020 - The current guidance from the Pennsylvania Dept. of Education is that School Buildings are closed until the end of the school year.


REMINDER — Mandatory Online Instruction to Begin on Monday, March 30

Dear Friends and Families of Ellwood City Area School District,

This message is a reminder that, because Ellwood City Area School District has been given the flexibility from the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) to provide remote, online instruction and services, our District will begin Online Continuity of Instruction (OCI) on Monday, March 30.


The District’s implementation of Online Continuity of Instruction (OCI) requires the following:

Beginning Monday, March 30, the District will implement Online Continuity of Instruction (OCI). The District has received the needed guidance and flexibility to be able to provide equitable instruction to all of our students. Our teachers and administrators are taking the necessary steps to be prepared for launch on Monday, March 30.



Devices are available to elementary (K-6) students in need. Phone calls have been going out to make sure everyone has access to a device during this time. We believe that we are aware of everyone who may need a device. 

Hartman and Perry families still in need of a Chromebook after today's distribution, should contact the principal's secretary, Rose DeNome, at 724-752-1591 ext 2100.  

North Side families still in need of a Chromebook after today's distribution should contact the office at 724-752-1591 ext. 4999

In accordance with District policy, students who lose or damage the District-issued device and/or accessories will be held financially responsible for the full repair and/or replacement cost. The cost to replace these items will be determined by the actual retail price of comparable replacement items. If a device is lost or damaged, students and/or parents/guardians should immediately contact the Ellwood City Area Help Desk at the information provided above.

Technology help Phone number - 724-901-1439

Chromebook Repair Form  - If you need anything in regards to your district issued device please fill this form out.


School Level Plans

Lincoln High School Plan -- Remote learning will take place through Google classrooms for each class.  Teachers will communicate assignments through Google classroom. A student needs to have access to a device to connect to google classroom.  Staff will be available to students throughout each day by email or other means such as Google Hangouts.  

Phone - 724-752-1591 - Ext. 3028 or 3039 for high school questions

*Perry Plan - Remote learning has been scheduled via Google Classrooms for each grade level.  Teachers will check-in with students via Google Meet. Students need to access a device in order to access online education.  Those students who have communicated that they do not have a device, have been issued a district-owned device.

*Hartman Plan - Remote learning has been scheduled via Google Classrooms for each grade level.  Teachers will check-in with students via Google Meet. Students need to access a device in order to access online education.  Those students who have communicated that they do not have a device, have been issued a district-owned device.

*North Side Plan - Students in grades K-2 will learn online through Google Classroom or other means of online learning.  Each grade will complete the same work. Teachers will be available each day during the scheduled school time for either face to face meetings via Google Meet.  Students need to access a device in order to complete education.  

*K-6 Grade level lessons - To simplify the online learning opportunities for grades K-6, all of the students in each grade will work on the same assignments.  All of these assignments can be found on Mr. Skoczylas’s website that all K-6 students are familiar with. Grade level teachers are collaborating on the assignments.  That website can be found here:


All students K-12 must fill out the Google Form each day. Please record your attendance whenever you can during the day.

Daily Attendance Link for all students K-12 - Daily Attendance


The District is making every effort to ensure student connectivity during the closure. Several local providers are offering free Internet services for families in our District. Our District’s administration is working to connect those families in need with these services. If you are in need of Internet service or you know someone in need of access, please inform your building principal as soon as possible. There are areas with free service:

Each school parking lot

McDonald's parking lot

Community Plaza

Veterans Memorial Swimming Pool

Circle Playground

Calvin Presbyterian Church rear parking lot off Park Ave

AT&T – AT&T’s Access program provides $10/month home-based Internet to limited income households.  Also offering two months of free service to new Access customers who order by April 30, 2020 ($10/mo thereafter) and waiving all home internet data overage fees.

Consolidated Communications - Offering two (2) months of FREE Internet Service to student households. To take advantage of this offer, call (855) 399-3084 and mention the Offer Code, “Two Months Free.”

Spectrum - Offering free internet service. Call (844) 488-8398

Armstrong Cable

Armstrong is relaxing data limits.  Click on the Armstrong link above for the press release.


Comcast Internet service is free for 60 days.  Please click the Comcast link above for more details.


Spectrum Internet service is free for 60 days.  Please click on the Spectrum link above for more details.


The last day of the Third Nine Weeks grading Period is moving to Wednesday, April 8. The Fourth Nine Weeks grading period will be adjusted to Tuesday, April 14, through June 2


Special Education, 504 and GIEP students

For any student with an IEP, 504 or a GIEP, accommodations, modifications and/or specially designed instruction will be provided, to the maximum extent possible, to the student as outlined in their document to best meet their educational needs.  Case managers, instructional aids, related service personnel, and regular education teachers and working together to ensure students are receiving planned instruction and FAPE. Students may be working in a variety of mediums to ensure access to the curriculum.  A web-based platform will be used and the student should use the general education and/or the special education teachers platform to access the curriculum. The related service personnel will work with students through these web-based platforms to provide services. Special education teachers will have daily office hours and check their email twice a day.  They will contact parents weekly. Progress monitoring of IEP goals will continue.

Any questions regarding Special Education, parents can call the IEP case manager or Leslie Gleghorn at 724-752-1591.  Messages will be checked multiple times a day when school is in session.  


Special Education and Gifted IEP meetings will be held - IEP Meetings will continue or maybe rescheduled as we work through the process of holding the meetings online.  IEP, ER and RR documents will be sent to parents prior to the meeting via email with parental permission.

The Pennsylvania Bureau of Special Education has NOT waived Special Education Timelines. Therefore, currently scheduled IEP meetings will continue or be rescheduled via conference call and special education student evaluations will continue as planned. During the closure, the Special Education Department will contact those families waiting on student evaluations and teachers will coordinate IEP meetings.  Meetings will be held online or by phone conference. If a student is on timeline to be evaluated, the school psychologist will reach out to families.                

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has canceled all PSSA and Keystone Exams. PDE has announced the cancellation of all PSSA testing and Keystone Exams for the remainder of the 2019-2020 School Year as a result of coronavirus (COVID-19). The District will share more information regarding the impact if any, that the cancellation of the Keystone Exams will have on Pennsylvania’ graduation requirements when that information becomes available.

Food services will continue for all students under the age of 18 who. Please see the information below for more information.  

Again, I would like to thank our teachers, administrators, and essential personnel for their ongoing dedication to bring meaningful instruction to the children of the Ellwood City Area School District.  Also, I thank you, our parents/guardians, for your understanding and flexibility during these difficult times. If you have specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher or building principal.




Joseph Mancini -



Kirk Lape -

Lincoln Principal


Frank Keally -

Hartman/Perry Principal


Christine Gibson -

North Side Principal

MEAL SERVICE UPDATE: - April 7, 2020 - 4:00PM
The Ellwood City Area School District will begin meal service for all children under 18. Meals will be provided for all children regardless of being a district student, free, reduced or paid. This is a drive up/pick up service at the schools.  Beginning March 19 - both breakfast and lunch will be available from 10:00-12:00 at the schools as usual and bus delivery service will also be available from 10:00-12:00 throughout the district.  We are not making home deliveries but driving throughout the district with either a school bus or van.  If you see a school bus stopped in your neighborhood they will be providing both bagged lunch and bagged breakfast for the day.  The buses will be driving around for two hours.  The pick up at the schools will still be available.  If you hear a bus beeping and need to want lunch and breakfast - wave a bus down!!
Bus Routes:


  • Wampum Ave to Barry’s Ice Cream
  • North Side area to McKinley Ave
  • Wampum Road stops Wayne Township Building
  • Wampum proper area
  • Chewton
  • Bridge Street



  • Parkgate area
  • West end
  • Beechwood Blvd area
  • EC Proper
  • Division Ave area
  • Rosannah Street
  • Summit Ave
  • Perry Street



  • Ewing Park
  • Loop Street
  • Walnut Ridge Area
  • California Ave
  • Joffre Street
  • Old Pittsburgh Road
  • Hollow Road
  • Route 65



  • Burnstown
  • Ellport
  • Wurtemburg Road “ The Cut-Off”
  • Dutch Ridge Road
  • Squaw Run Road



  • McCartney Hollow Road
  • Tower Road
  • Bates Road
  • Shingle Hollow / Lancaster Road
  • Pleasant Hill Road



  • 488
  • Studebaker road
  • Barkley Road
  • Mountville Road
  • Breakneck Road
  • Perry Township Municipal Building Area
Pick-up Locations:
North Side Primary
Perry Lower Lower Intermediate
Any child can go to any location for meals.  You do not have to go to the school that you attend.  
North Side
  1. Power your Chromebook  on.
  2. Enter your Username. Upon booting up, the device should ask for your username and password. Your username will be the
    1. If you are using a school issued chromebook, the should be prepopulated in the box.  You do not need to type that in.
    2. If you are using a personal device you will need to type the entire username in.
  3. Enter your Password. Your password.  Password format is ecstudentid.  If the student id is 12345, the password is ec12345

You will then see the google classroom Icon at the top of the screen, next to the URL  bar.

Google classroom

Google Classroom

Lincoln High School Video!

Dear families,


We have started to use the School News app by Edlio, an activity feed for consuming alerts, news, and events for participating schools. It’s a simple way to view the school’s news feeds and calendars, and also receive push notifications directly from us.


It’s free to download to your iOS or Android phone and quick to set up:

  1. Go to the App Store or Google Play and search for “School News by Edlio” to install.
  2. Open the app and search for the school; tap “Add School.” If you have kids in other Edlio-powered schools, add them to the app too.
  3. Enable push notification by going to the Alerts tab and tapping “Enable Notifications.”


All of the news and events posted to our website are posted here for easy access. You can also add multiple Edlio-powered schools to gather all news, events, and alerts in this one app. We’ll send push notifications out to keep you updated on urgent news.


Joe Mancini


A Message from the School Nurses during the school closure.  Make sure to check out he videos!
Elementary We Miss You Video!  
Beginning Monday, May 4, the Ellwood City Area School District is going to be providing free WiFi throughout the district.  Five Ellwood City Transit buses outfitted with mobile Wifi units will be parked throughout the district and will broadcast 300 feet from the bus.  They will be parked from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm each weekday.  Locations are as follows:
Wampum - Marshalls Funeral Home - Lower lot
Rosanna Park
West End - Factory Avenue
Ellwood City Hospital Parking Lot - Back lot by Mt. Vernon
Ewing Park Pool Parking Lot
How to Access the network
NETWORK NAME - Kajeet Smartbus
PASSWORD - smartbus
See the photos below for locations.