Anita Hand - ECASD Outstanding Educator for Lawrence and Mercer County Chamber of Commerce

Anita Hand is improving the odds for our diverse learners on a daily basis.  She is a tech-savvy second grade teacher who uses research-informed strategies to coach students in using technology tools in a way that leads to academic and social-emotional growth.  Mrs. Hand truly believes that learning occurs through social interactions. She has created a community of learners who can step in and out of many different roles throughout their school day.  Students in Mrs. Hand’s classroom have opportunities to engage in meaningful conversations and reflect with others on their work. In her Google Classroom, students are collaborators and leaders.  Her students work on projects together and share the responsibility for their success. She prefers applications that are social and collaborative in nature.  She uses many valuable strategies like turn and talks, see-think-wonder and share-alouds.


Mrs. Hand helps her students to better understand their emotions, their behaviors and their own brains.  As a former Special Education teacher, Mrs. Hand has many tools to help students self regulate and remove barriers to learning.  She gives her students the opportunity to express themselves, to respectfully listen to each other, and to work as a team to solve problems.  She teaches empowerment, wellness and resilience through creativity and collaboration. She uses our new Positive Action curriculum to create a safe, respectful and responsible classroom, school and community environment here in Ellwood City.