1:1 Initiative

The Ellwood City Area School District is dedicated to preparing its student for the 21st Century.  Studies have shown that the 4 skills that students will need to succeed include these 21st Century Skills:  Collaboration, Communication, Creativity and Critical Thinking. The 1:1 Initiative at Lincoln is to provide students in grades 9-12 a District owned device to promote new instructional strategies and integrate 21st Century learning skills into the classroom.  


Whether students are preparing for college or career, these skills are vital to future success.  The goal in the ECASD is implement a successful 1:1 student/device program in grades 9-12 for the 2017-18 school year. The staff has been working and developing skills to allow students to work with computers on a daily basis.  Now is the time to put the devices in each students hands.  A 1:1 program will allow students to interact not only with their class, school and community, but also the world.

Student engagement in lessons and collaboration with fellow students is the ultimate goal for the 1:1 initiative.  Students should have anytime, anywhere access to learning.  Staff will be better able to differentiate learning for personalized learning strategies.  A 1:1 program will give our students the digital literacy skills necessary to compete in a global marketplace.  A laptop in every students hands will break down the four walls of the traditional classroom.  It is with these skills in mind that the ECASD is taking on this initiative.

Required Parent Meetings — One is required by parent to attend in order for student to receive their chromebook.

Tuesday, August 21 — 4:00PM — Sabo Auditorium

Tuesday, August 21 — 5:00PM — Sabo Auditorium

Thursday, August 23 — 3:00PM — Sabo Auditorium

A parent must attend one of the Parent Meetings under the Important Dates tab in order for your child to receive a device.  Parents and students who enter after the distribution date must watch a video on procedures and policies before receiving their device.

ECASD Acceptable Use Policy 

ECASD Student Device Expectations

ECASD Social Media Guidelines

Google For Education

Google Family Safety Center

Chromebook Support

Common Sense Media

Be Internet Awesome – Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Google

Why are we doing this?

The Ellwood City Area School District is dedicated to preparing graduating students for 21st Century skills whether they are planning college or career.

What will this cost and who is paying for it?

Just as the district currently provides high quality textbooks and other instructional materials for students, the district will supply quality devices to meet the instructional demands of today’s learners. Devices are instructional tools, and the district is looking closely at the spending patterns on current instructional materials and supplies, in order to reallocate funds towards this initiative. 

Technology Insurance Fee Information

The District is paying for insurance for each device.  Students will be charged a $39 fee for misuse, neglect, or damaged devices. Students will pay a replacement cost for lost devices.

Will students be able to take the device home?

Students in grades 9-12 will be able to take their Chromebook home. The device will be checked out to the student and then will be collected at the end of the school year. We want the student to take the device home, as much of their class work will require the use of the device. 

What is the ECASD doing about students accessing inappropriate information on the Internet?

Ellwood City Area School District is in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and maintains a content filter and firewall for all Internet-enabled computers and equipment on and off the the district’s network. In addition, Open DNS, allows every device in your home, sharing your Internet connection, to be protected. This optional filter also applies to Playstation, Wii, DS, Xbox, iPad, and even an iPhones on the wireless network. Here’s more information about Open DNS,

Can I decorate the District provided device and/or case?

No you may not decorate  the case. Devices or carrying cases that have pencil/pen/magic marker writing on them, stickers or any other marks on them will be viewed as vandalism. There will be an associated cost to restore the device to the original condition if marked up intentionally.

Who owns the device?

The Ellwood City Area School District owns the District device. Students will receive the same device each school year for the functional life of the device. Therefore, it is very important that the device be taken care of it. You are required to leave all identification and inventory tags in place. Don’t write on the device or attach any stickers to it.

May I put games or software on the device?

No.  You may not download any applications or software onto the device without permission from the administration.  

Is there anything I should do with my device while at home?

Be sure you plug it in overnight so you come to school with a fully charged battery. Bring your device with you every day to school. You will be responsible if your device is not ready for classwork every day.

Will the student get the same Chromebook each year?

Yes.  Students will receive a Chromebook at the beginning of the school year and turn it in at the end of the year to be cleaned and updated.  The same Chromebook will be returned to the student the following year.

Will Chromebooks replace textbooks?

Not necessarily.  Textbooks will be available to students in the classroom.  Most textbook companies provide online versions of the book to all students when they are purchased.  Students will have access to textbooks when they need them.  Students have stated that they like to read novels with paper books and those will also be available in hard copy.  

Will we go paperless?

No.  Paper and pencil are a tool in the classroom, just as a dry erase boards, projectors, and laptops.  We hope to see a decrease in paper and copier use which will save the District money in the long run.

Will there be tech support available to students?

Yes.  The plan is to have a student run tech team that will provide students tech support throughout the day.  This team of students will take a class on support and technical issues and receive credit for taking the class and assisting other students with their device.  

Will there be a case for the Chromebook? UPDATED 9/12/17

The Chromebook that the District is purchasing comes with a built in case.  Students may purchase a carrying case to help protect the ChromeBook.  Students may also purchase a screen protector for their ChromeBook .  Seniors for the 2017-18 school year will get a ChromeBook that does not have a built in case so it is recommended that students get a carrying case.

What expectation of privacy will students have with the device?

The District will put software on the machines that will be able to block websites that are not District approved 24/7.  This software will also track the machines if they are lost or stolen.  The students will have use of the machines 24/7.  The District will not have access to the built in camera on the machine.  The students will be expected to follow the Acceptable Use Policy that governs technology in the District.

Will there be an option to purchase our own device and bring it to school?

No.  The idea behind a 1:1 initiative is that all students will have the same device and that teachers can plan lessons around that device.  If students have varying devices with different options and software then there can be issues with planning for a class lesson.

What information will be stored on the Chromebook?

Each student will be given their own username and password for G Suite for Education Apps.  This will be unique to that student.  All school work will be stored through the Google Suite.  Students will be given an Ellwood City Area School District email account specific to our domain.  Students will only be able to email within that domain and not receive email from outside sources or the domain.

What if I do not have wireless internet access at home?

Students can work offline and once they connect to a wireless network the work will be saved and uploaded to be saved in the domain.  There are other wireless networks in the community  that students can use.

What if the student forgets the device at home?

Since all information is not physically saved on the device, any device can be used to log into the G Suite for Education apps.  A loaner for the day will be signed out by the student to use during the school day and returned at the end of the day.  

What if the student forgets to charge their device for school?

Charging stations will be purchased for students to use in case they forget to charge the device overnight.  Extra charging cords will be available in the Learning Commons for students sign out to charge their device in classes.

Will the technology infrastructure be able to handle the additional devices?

The technology department recently upgraded all of the switches in the district and is in the process of mapping dead spots and slow areas in the wireless system.  Additional wireless routers will be added to maintain the system at capacity.  The District also upgraded from a 10mb line to 1 Gig line this summer.

Will the BYOD policy be eliminated at Lincoln?

Yes – for students in grades 9-12.  Students will have a District owned device.  Students will still be allowed to carry personal cell phones but not use them for school related purposes or personal use unless directed by a teacher.  Personal phones will not have access to the school wireless network.

Will teachers be able to access the webcam on the devices?

No. Faculty and staff will not have access to remote control the webcam in anyway, without the approval of the user. This would include times when students need help or are working collaboratively with an application.

What if my device gets lost, stolen or damaged?

If you suspect your device has been damaged, lost, stolen or vandalized you must report it to a teacher immediately.  Please make sure you read the Student Computer Equipment Acceptance Form for details.

Be Internet Awesome – free Digital Citizenship Curriculum from Google.  Parents can use this with students to better prepare them for the online world.